Shopify or Magento: What is the Best Ecommerce Software for Enterprises and Large Businesses?



We understand for a fact that enterprise-level companies and large businesses that runs ecommerce retail stores require a more advanced ecommerce solution based on their bigger budget, diverse and huge collection of product lines, and a more complex but user-friendly design of their ecommerce stores. Because of this, the best e-commerce software for large businesses and enterprise-level companies should be a more complex platform that includes:


    • A wide selection of features and functions for full customization.
    • Top of the line management of merchant tools.
    • Bigger allowance for storage space to accommodate a larger database for unlimited files.
    • Add-on bundles for hosting, domain registration, and website design.
    • Top-quality and never-been-breached security mechanisms.
    • Fast and secure payment processing integration.
    • Third-party application integrations.
    • 24/7 round-the-clock technical support via phone and email.
    • Professional support and consulting for the more advanced functions and customizations.
    • Advanced application for the most up-to-date and results-driven marketing strategy.
    • Customizable reports along with extensive analytics.


Based on a 12-month data from Google Trends, Shopify and Magento top the current widely popular ecommerce platforms worldwide today, with Shopify reaching to 71% and Magento with 86%.


Shopify is currently serving 275,000 ecommerce stores and still increasing. Magento, on the hand, serves 228,000 ecommerce stores. Both are powerhouse-ecommerce-solutions on their own. But, these two are totally different in terms of their functions and capabilities.


Most of typical E-commerce software reviews usually list down a couple of best e-commerce software. While you can get a wide range of selections with that, it also confuses you to choose which one is the best fit for your business needs. You still need to narrow down the list to at least two.


In this E-commerce software review, however, we will only take a closer look at the two best e-commerce for large businesses and enterprise-level companies – Shopify and Magento. You’ll be able to decide more quickly and accurately with just two options on your hands.


What can I get from Shopify Enterprise Solutions?


Because Shopify offers different pricing plans, do not confuse it with other ecommerce shopping cart providers. We’re only interested with Shopify’s Enterprise ecommerce solution here. Many would consider Shopify as the best e-commerce for large businesses and enterprise-level companies. In fact, in the US alone, it has reached 96% popularity with Utah, California, and Hawaii respectively, hitting the top 3 on web searches; while Magento lags behind at 39%.


Shopify is managing its enterprise-level solutions under its Plus plan. Shopify Plus plan comes with the following:


  • Fully HostedWith Shopify’s SaaS ecommerce platform, you won’t be needing your IT department to handle and monitor the back-end infrastructure of your ecommerce servers. The servers boast a 7,000+ CPU cores that keeps your uptime to as high as 99.99%. With this, you can focus on the more important issues on your ecommerce store, and not the IT aspect.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – Your large business can handle high volume of traffic on your website. This is very useful during shopping seasons, like the Black Friday. With the unlimited bandwidth, your ecommerce store can manage thousands of transactions per minute. This also means that there’s no limit to the number of products that you can upload to your ecommerce website and as well as unlimited sales.
  • Multi-Channel Ecommerce Stores – You can sell wherever and whenever you want. With Shopify’s multi-channel ecommerce stores, you can integrate your products to different ecommerce marketplaces.
  • International Language Support – Meet your customers wherever they are and whatever language they are using. With this feature, Shopify allows you to market your products in as many regions as you want and in different languages. You are not limited to your local customers, your retail store can go big, internationally.
  • Payment Gateways – Shopify’s Plus plan offers 70+ payment gateways. With this, your ecommerce store can also receive payments from Paypal, credit and debit cards, and Bitcoins.
  • Top Security – Your ecommerce store is secured with Shopify’s PCI-DSS Compliant Level 1 certification. This is guaranteed with its annual assessment and continuous risk management processing.


What can I get from Magento’s Enterprise Solutions?


Ecommerce enterprise solutions from Magento is currently being offered under its Enterprise Edition. Magento’s Community Edition does not offer enterprise level solutions. Here’s what you can expect from Magento:


    • Open Source Platform – With an open-source-platform, you can take full control of how you want to customize your website store in all aspects. This comes with built-in functions and features and as well as readily downloadable plugins and add-on upgrades.
    • Advance Architecture and Security – Magento’s ecommerce solutions come with a data encryption capability using AES-256 and hashing based on SHA-256. This improves your security even if you have an enormously big website database. With its advanced architecture, you can integrate multiple third-party applications via API installations. This is very useful if you want to connect your ecommerce store to as many marketplaces and channels as possible.
    • Analytics and Reporting – Your admin panel provides you with insights on different data gathered from your website store. This includes sales report, tax reports, abandoned shopping cart, product performances such as best-selling and worst selling, product reviews, and search terms report among many others. You can also integrate your Google Analytics into the system.
    • Customer Login Accounts – You can improve customer engagement by offering customers with a login account. Within their accounts, customers can customize their preferences for shipping and billing. Customer dashboards includes a variety of functions, allowing your customers to take full control of their shopping experience.
    • Customer Loyalty, Promotions, and Pricing – Choose from a wide list of available promotions along with suggestions for pricing your products to better served the needs of your customers.


Since this E-commerce software review narrows down the list to two, you will have a better decision now on what ecommerce solutions would best address your ecommerce needs. From the given features and functionalities, don’t forget that these are only the highlights. Shopify and Magento both have more things they can offer to your growing business needs.

The best e-commerce for large businesses would always be the one that offers the best value for your money. This would mean, that it is reliable, complex but easy to use, highly-secure, and with a pricing comparable to its counterparts. The best e-commerce software then would depend on you, and on how you use it to take advantage of the fast growing ecommerce industry.

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